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Why I Drink Organic Wine – Part 1

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Here at The Wine Feed, we are launching a new wine club that is devoted to organic wines.  Our Revive Wine Club will feature two wines each month that have been crafted from organically farmed grapes by producers who are either certified organic or practicing organic.

I’m Laura, and along with my other qualifications and interests in wine, I am passionate about organic wines, and I am really excited about sharing these wines with you! I am also looking forward to providing you as much information as I can on organic wines, as I know that finding quality, trustworthy information about organic wines can be challenging.  With this in mind, we’ve included some organic wine basics on the Frequently Asked Questions page of the Revive Wine Club.

But to start with what I think is the most important topic, I want to tell you why I drink organic wine, and why I think you should too.  There are quite a few reasons!  Thus, I’m going to be posting a series of blogs over the next few weeks explaining all of the different reasons I choose organic wines.

Reason #1 – It’s Tasty!

First and foremost, the organic wines we select for the Revive Wine Club are delicious and of the highest quality. Period. In later posts, I will talk about the many benefits to organic farming for the land, the grapes, the farmers, and the communities, but no matter what these benefits are, I am not going to drink (or, more importantly, I’m not going to recommend for you to drink) a wine if it isn’t good.  That a wine is well-made and tastes good is a non-negotiable requirement for me, and it should be for you too.  Drinking organic wine does not mean you have to sacrifice taste or quality.  In fact, I strongly believe that an organic wine is actually more likely to be of high quality than a conventional wine.

I don’t want to slight each and every conventional wine producer out there, because to be sure, there are many that are producing outstanding wines and that are devoted to their land, to their grapes, and to their wines.  We sell these delicious wines here at The Wine Feed in addition to our organic selections.  However, I believe that the percentage of organic wineries that are crafting wines of quality and balance is much higher than the percentage of conventional producers doing the same thing.  Producers who grow their grapes organically have made a time-consuming and oftentimes more-expensive commitment to their craft, and they have made this choice because they are endeavoring to increase the quality of their wine.

For a long time, well before I paid attention to the farming techniques of different wineries, I valued wines that have character.  The common theme among most of my favorite wines is not a specific flavor or aroma or weight or grape or country or structure; rather it is personality and expression.  Once I became interested in organic farming, and began looking into the farming methods of some of my favorite producers, I noticed that a large proportion of my favorite wines were crafted from organically farmed grapes.  I don’t know why – perhaps it’s the complex soils and healthy vines undamaged by pesticides, perhaps it’s the extreme care and attention the wineries put into the wines, perhaps it’s the natural fertilizers that are used – but I have found that organic wines are more likely to have that vibrant expression, clarity of fruit, thought-provoking complexity, and unique personality than wines produced by conventional farming.

Check back soon for Reason #2 why I drink organic wine!