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Pairing the Perfect Wines with Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays, and no matter how you spend it — sharing a pleasant meal with your family, watching football, or fighting with your in-laws — you are going to need some wine!  This blog will help you find the perfect bottle to pair with your turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. Despite the fact that everyone finishes Thanksgiving dinner at the point of being painfully full, in moderation the dishes at Thanksgiving are not particularly heavy. There’s no steak, no red wine sauces, no braised lamb. But, on the other hand, Thanksgiving… Read more »

Recap: Spanish Wine Class

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Last night here at The Wine Feed we hosted a class featuring wines from Spain. This was the third Spanish wine class we have taught, and like last year’s class it was a full house. As always, we poured six different wines that demonstrated the diversity and quality of wines coming out of this wonderful country on the Iberian peninsula. The class also focused on the many different cuisines of Spain, and how to pair Spanish wines with Spanish-inspired dishes. For those of you who missed it, here was our lineup and the pairings we suggested. We encourage you to… Read more »

Wine & Food Pairing: Chocolate

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Pairing wine with chocolate is one of the most popular food and wine combinations out there, but chocolate is also one of the trickiest foods to pair wine with successfully. The goal of all food and wine pairings is to achieve balance, and as chocolate can be simultaneously sweet and bitter at the same time, with tannins and a mouth-coating texture, balance is not always easy to achieve. Here are some considerations that will help you create a balanced and delicious pairing of wine and chocolate. Sweetness – Try to gauge the sweetness level of the chocolate before picking a… Read more »

Wine FAQ: What Are Tannins?

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One of the most common questions we get here at The Wine Feed is from customers who want to know more about what tannins are. “Tannin” is a frequently used (and frequently misused) term, and knowing what it means can be an incredibly valuable tool for drinkers to describe what they like and what they don’t like, and so we are devoting this post to answering the most common questions about tannins. What are tannins and where do they come from? Tannins are chemical compounds that are found in many plants. There are tannins in grapes, specifically in the skins,… Read more »

Rediscover Rosé

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This article is a reprint of an article Laura wrote for the Triangle Downtowner. I have mixed emotions about White Zinfandel. On one hand, this sweet “blush” wine single-handedly destroyed the reputation of rosé wines for multiple generations of wine drinkers in the United States. On the other, the massive demand for White Zinfandel saved many otherwise unprofitable Zinfandel vineyards from being ripped up to make way for Cabernet Sauvignon, leading to the delicious old-vine Zinfandels that we are able to enjoy today. However, regardless of what White Zinfandel has done to preserve historic California Zinfandel vineyards, I don’t think… Read more »