How Much Wine Should You Buy?

When ordering wine and beer for your wedding reception, engagement party, or rehearsal dinner, you probably don’t want to have a mountain of alcohol left over afterwards. Calculating how much to buy is a bit tricky because while you don’t want leftovers, you certainly don’t want to run out if people are enjoying themselves. A lot of figuring out how much to buy comes down to having a general idea of your guests’ beverage preferences. Here are some useful tips to consider when ordering once you have figured that difficult part out!

Tip #1: Based on the size of your glass pours, a standard 750ml wine bottle holds 4-6 servings of wine. In terms of guests, this means you can serve approximately 2-3 guests per bottle.

Tip #2: Adjust your red-to-white ratio according to the season, time of day, and venue. For example, ordering 3 cases of heavy Cabernet Sauvignon for an outdoor wedding reception in July may not be the best idea; nor would a tons of crisp Sauvignon Blanc be the best choice in mid-February. There isn’t a ‘magic’ formula, but assuming you need half red and half white doesn’t always work.

Tip #3: Consider the presence of beer and liquor. The more types of alcohol you serve, the total consumption any single type should go down because it is being spread across all three (or four, if you consider non-alcoholic) types of beverages.

Tip #4: Remember that when food is involved, many of your beer and liquor drinkers may still want a nice glass of wine to go with their meal!

Tip #5: We recommend ordering approximately 10-15% more than your estimate just in case. This will help cover breakage, corked bottles, or overzealous wait staff bussing glasses that are still half full.

Finally, consulting with one of our Wedding Consultants is a great way to ensure you get just the right selections and quantity. Our consultative approach is fast and enjoyable so contact us regarding your wedding event needs at any time!