Provence Southern France - Virtual Wine Class

Provence Southern France - Virtual Wine Class

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Friday, August 14 • 6:30 pm

Provence is best known for light, refreshing rosés, though they make all kinds of wine. The warm, southern air is dry and breezes blow in from the coastline just a few miles from most of the vineyards. Flocked to by the French for their summer vacations, we'll make you feel like you're really there! The region's food is outstanding - seafoods, salads, snails :D - so be prepared to pick up or make some amazing food to eat with your wine. We'll be tasting and discussing mainly rosé in honor of Rosé Month! Though we may have a few tricks up our sleeves and throw in a white or a red. 

This virtual class will be conducted using Zoom where you will be able to ask your instructor questions in real-time, take notes, and taste your wines at any time during the class. You can choose delivery or local pickup and a notification will be sent to you when the wines are ready.

We will discuss 3 wines focusing on tasting, regions, and history. You're welcome to open all three bottles with your instructor as they go through the wines, but you can also take your time! Classes will be recorded and sent to attendees so that you may open the bottles at your leisure and re-watch the class information on your own time.

The price of the class includes live streaming, instructor-led presentation, and 3 full bottles of wine. Only 1 class needs to be purchased per household so you can share the wine love!