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Abel Mendoza 'Jarrarte' - Carbonic Maceration - Rioja

Abel Mendoza 'Jarrarte' - Carbonic Maceration - Rioja

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Rioja, Spain

You may have experienced Rioja before, but likely never quite like this! Unlike most Rioja wines, and most red wines in general, the Tempranillo grapes from which 'Jarrarte' is made undergo a process called carbonic maceration. Typically, red grapes are crushed and fermentation begins after the skins have broken and yeast comes into contact with the sugars within. Carbonic maceration, however, involves whole bunches of grapes being placed into vats, which are then sealed and filled with CO2 to remove the oxygen. This process triggers fermentation to begin within the grapes instead, and the skins split as the alcohol level within them rises. Wine procuded in this method is often lower in tannin with a softer, fruitier character. Expect notes of bright cherries, red currant, plums, violets and subtle smokiness. Enjoy alongside grilled sausages and vegetables, pulled pork sandwiches or pasta arrabiata.

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