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Bonsegna - Negroamaro

Bonsegna - Negroamaro

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The Bonsegna winery in Puglia, Italy is owned and operated by Alessandro Bonsegna who inherited the land and the craft from his father, Primo Michele Bonsegna. Alessandro grows negroamaro, a grape native to the "heel" of Italy's boot. This varietal is dark and full of flavor -- the name negroamaro actually means "dark and bitter", referring to it's color and level of tannin. The grape is well-suited to Puglia's long hot summers and occasional droughts. 

On the palate, the wine is full bodied with dark fruit flavors of plum, blackberry and black cherry, with a bit of fresh herbs as well. The tannins are lasting and will have you eager for your next sip. Pair this with some teriyaki chicken or pulled pork barbecue for a real treat!


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