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Montinore Estate 'Borealis' White Blend

Montinore Estate 'Borealis' White Blend

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55% Riesling  20% Pinot Gris  15% Muller-Thurgau  10% Gewurztraminer

75% Washington/ 25% Oregon

Montinore Ranch was purchased by the Graham family in the 1960s and operated as a cattle ranch and working farm for the next two decades. Then, in 1980, Mount Saint Helens erupted just 90 miles away, covering the entire property in ash. After consulting with Oregon State and UC Davis, they deemed the property perfect for grape growing, and Montinore Ranch became Montinore Estate in 1982. Four years after planting vines, Montinore harvested their first vintage. Almost 40 years later, they are certified organic and biodynamic with over 120 vineyard acres. This blend is the product of Borealis, a wine partner of Montinore Estate, and is made up of Riesling, Pinot Gris, Mueller-Thurgau, and Gewürztraminer. With tasting notes of tropical fruit, a touch of lavender, and a slightly sweet finish this wine pairs well with a spicy Asian dishes or Manchego cheese

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