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Campet Ste Marie - Pinot Noir - Pays d'Oc

Campet Ste Marie - Pinot Noir - Pays d'Oc

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2019- It's not easy finding low priced Pinot Noir that is as delicoius as Campet Ste Marie's! The Pays d'Oc is a large, encompassing region in southern France that produces a myriad of grapes and wines. With an excellent climate for wines (dry, sunny), the Pays d'Oc makes a lot of juice. Small hillside slopes in this area are known as "campet" and they help to raise the altitude just enough to cool Pinot Noir so it doesn't get overly jammy. What you're left with is a cherry driven Pinot with notes of strawberry and raspberry and a fairly pleasant amount of acid and tannin. At this price, it's certainly wonderful for your weekday meals.

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