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Cantine Povero "Capitano del Palio" - Dolcetto - Monferrato

Cantine Povero "Capitano del Palio" - Dolcetto - Monferrato

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This is one killer Dolcetto and is super refreshing, yet very complex. Cantine Povero believes that their wines are “bottled experiences,” meant as a gift to the world. Literally translated Dolcetto means "little sweet one". Though the wine is not sweet, it does have a lot of fruitiness. Ripe cherry, strawberry, cranberries and a little chocolatey backbone to the wine that rounds it out quite well. More than 150,000 vines in 45 hectares of vineyards sit in full sunlight from dawn until dusk around 322 meters of altitude. Relying on natural, environmentally friendly technologies, the vineyard is cultivated without the use of herbicides and chemical fertilizers. This is a great red wine to have in the afternoon or to start off the evening. *Best served with a slight chill on it.

Pairs wonderfully with BBQ Ribs!

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