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Carpano Bianco - Sweet White Vermouth

Carpano Bianco - Sweet White Vermouth

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Regulation Vermouth is an aromatized drink made from one or more types of wine, additional alcohol, and infused using natural aromatic herbs and spices while only being sweetened with caramelized sugar or grape must. Specifically, vermouth must be composed of at least 75% of wine, have a minimum ABV of 14.5% or more and a maximum ABV of less than 22%, as well as contain Artemisias.

Carpano Bianco, with its light yellow color and complex aroma, is an easy Vermouth. to identify by nose alone. Citrus, exotic fruit, fresh cocoa beans, and almonds greet the nose and prep the palate. The palate, while initially very smooth, is soon rounded off by its minerality. Truly delightful vermouth for any occasion.

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