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Château Haut-Blanville - Chardonnay/Roussanne - Pays d'Oc

Château Haut-Blanville - Chardonnay/Roussanne - Pays d'Oc

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This adventure began in 1995 when a family of 6 moved to the Languedoc from Paris! The family was taken with the terroir near Pézenas near Montpellier. In 1998 Château Haut-Blanville was created! In the massive area in the south of France known as the Pays d'Oc, this Chardonnay (95%) with a touch of Roussanne (5%) is produced. The wine has a nice medium body with balancing acidity for its ripe peach, white flower, and sweet spiced flavors. Pair with sushi! As well as other seafood dishes, roasted chicken dishes, or curried chicken salad.

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