Domaine Charnay - Beaujolais

Domaine Charnay - Beaujolais

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100% Gamay

Beaujolais, France

In Anse, in the south of Beaujolais on the pierres dorées, Thibault Charnay organically farms 12 hectares of Gamay, producing a light and fuss-free style of Beaujolais, vinified in the classic cold carbonic method. To achieve this, Domaine Charnay picks their berries whole-cluster, and then adds them to a stainless steel tank, where they are blanketed with CO2. This begins fermentation on an intracellular level, rather than crushing the grapes and letting ambient yeasts spark the conversion of sugar into alcohol. The resulting wine is light in tannin, rich in red and light blue fruits, and has a tinge of cinnamon that is a classic byproduct of carbonic maceration.  Drink young, with a delicious, soft Comté, Brie, or Camembert.