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Domaine Douloufakis 'Dafnios' - Red Wine

Domaine Douloufakis 'Dafnios' - Red Wine

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Crete, Greece

Douloufakis is a family owned organic winery in Greece that was started in the 1930's. The family has worked hard over the years to continue their winemaking legacy despite many challenges, such as replanting from Phylloxera after it destroyed most of the Cretan vineyards in the late 1970's. It wasn't until Nikos took over in 1993 that the winery started to make great strides in modernization including certified organic farming and expanding operations and distribution. The family owns 20 hectares and cultivates several varietials. This red is made from 100% Liatiko, an indigenous varietal that dates back to the 2nd and 3rd century BC. This grape is also known for producing complex reds that are just begging to be paired with food. With tasting notes of red fruit, leather and spices this wine would pair well best with roasted lamb.

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