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Domaine Rouge Garance 'Feuille de Garance' - Cotes du Rhone red

Domaine Rouge Garance 'Feuille de Garance' - Cotes du Rhone red

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Cotes du Rhone, France
Grenache 60% Syrah 30% Cinsault 10%
Ecocert Certified Organic

'Feuille de Garance Rouge' pays homage to the leaf on the grapevines, because "without the leaf, the plant cannot live." The estate nurtures 20+ year-old Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault vines while the region's hot, dry weather ensures their optimal ripeness and quality. The fall and winter months are mild while the summers and late spring are dry and extremely sunny. Thankfully for the grapes, the clay and Gallet-based soil can provide proper draining and protect the clay soils underneath helping the vines stay cooler during the warmer months.

Deep purple with hints of garnet, this blend begins with notes of red fruit, earthiness, and spice. Unfined and lightly filtered, the palate is smooth and balances the spicier notes with tart cherries and raspberry. You may even find a little granite at the end! This wine is incredibly food-friendly. Pair with a nice lamb dish.

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