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Donelan 'Nancie' - Chardonnay

Donelan 'Nancie' - Chardonnay

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Sonoma County, California

The epitome of a true family-run winery, Donelan Family Wines was founded in 2009 by Joe Donelan, whose love affair with wine began in the 1980s during his time working alongside a passionate sommelier at a restaurant in Nantucket. Now working hand in hand with his two sons, Cushing (who spends his time in Raleigh when he’s away from the vineyard!) and Tripp, Donelan focuses on high quality, small production bottlings. The Chardonnay grapes used for ‘Nancie’ come from 3 of Donelan’s coolest vineyard sites within Sonoma County, where they see plenty of sunshine but retain plenty of freshness, acidity and complexity. A fragrant bouquet of juicy pineapple, white peach and honeysuckle welcomes you on the nose, followed by juicy tropical fruit, melon, apricot pit and spice on the palate. Fresh but soft with a pleasant creaminess, this wine has beautiful concentration and a long, persistent finish and is within its peak drinking period now.

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