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Aguijon de Abeja - Cabernet Franc

Aguijon de Abeja - Cabernet Franc

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San Juan Argentina  

Cabernet Franc

Hector and Pablo Durigutti grew up in the heart of Mendoza, learning about wine making from a young age. As they grew older, they learned the best methods for producing top tier wine. They planted their first vines in 2002 and have expanded since then. Aguijon de Abeja, which roughly translates to ‘bee sting’ is one of Hector and Pablo’s side projects. They use the bee to represent the intense labor they engage in. This 100% Cabernet Franc is hand harvested during the last two weeks of April in San Juan, Argentina. Blue fruit, spice, mushroom, tree bark, and ripe tannins come through with each sip. Pair this with stuffed peppers or lamb burgers.


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