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Fritz Müller "Perlwein" - Muller-Thurgau

Fritz Müller "Perlwein" - Muller-Thurgau

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NV - Trocken, Germany - Muller-Thurgau

Fritz Muller was started in 2009 by Guido Walter and Jürgen Hofmann. Their aim was to breathe new life into the varietal Muller-Thurgau and drink something celebratory with their friends. This frizzante, called Perlwein, is the German answer to Prosecco and is made using the Charmat process. During this process, CO2 generated from fermentation is recaptured and put back into the wine, giving it a gentle sparkle. You can expect tasting notes of pear, apple, and grapefruit with a light nutmeg undertone. This wine works well with Aperol for an aperitif cocktail or pairs with a lean fish, like cod.

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