Fritz Müller 'Secco' - Non-alcoholic Wine

Fritz Müller 'Secco' - Non-alcoholic Wine

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Fruity, semi-sparkling, non-alcoholic.
Refreshing, fizzy and frivolous: completely uncomplicated, the non-alcoholic Fritz Müller offers light-footed fun and fruity enjoyment. Vinified from the same grapes as the Fritz Müller semi-sparkling wine, this version entices sipping one or two glasses more without regret the next day. Wonderfully pure, it is best enjoyed chilled to 8°C, on the rocks, or as an ingredient in virgin cocktails.


Wine description:
Pale straw yellow with green highlights. Fresh, fruity aromas of green apple and grapefruit. Mild and harmonious in flavor with exotic notes and subtle Muscat nuances. Refreshing and fizzy.

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