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Garciarevalo 'Finca Tresolmos' - Verdejo

Garciarevalo 'Finca Tresolmos' - Verdejo

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Located near both the Adaja and Eresma rivers, Garciarévalo’s single vineyard is home to an amazing microclimate. This helps assist with retaining the acidity in their Verdejo. With the soil being sandy and low in organic material, this allows perfect drainage to assist the vines and harvest time. After spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, the wine is aged six months on the lees with bâtonnage (Stirring settled lees) before bottling. This Spanish white is 100% Verdejo and the vines are over 130 years old. “Finca Tresolmos” is classified as Certified Organic and Vegan! On the palette, you should get notes of lemons and almonds with a floral finish. You can pair this wine with seared scallops, served with braised vegetables and a fish sauce.

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