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Hundred Acre "WRAITH" - Cabernet Sauvignon - 2016

Hundred Acre "WRAITH" - Cabernet Sauvignon - 2016

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WRAITH is all about the chance to experience the three incredible creatures (the Hundred Acre single vineyards) working together in symphony and perfect harmony to tell you about the vintage in all of its glory. In all of our vineyards, we pick only when the fruit is perfectly ripe; this doesn’t always happen at once. It is common for them to make multiple passes through the vineyard, picking different clusters from the same vines as they reach perfect maturity. is attention to detail is critical to making a wine the caliber of Hundred Acre

Aged for 40 months in the finest French oak barrique. The stave wood is hand-selected for ultra-tight grain, then air dried for three years before being made into barrels. 

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