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Jacquart 'Brut Mosaique' - Champagne 1.5L magnum

Jacquart 'Brut Mosaique' - Champagne 1.5L magnum

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NV - Brut 1.5L Magnum

The season of Champagne is finally here and we've got you covered. One of the best sub regions of Champagne is an area known as Reims. The wines from this area fetch hundreds of dollars and are among the BEST quality in all of Champagne. We are pleased to offer these Magnums (yes, two bottles in one!) at a pretty outstanding price.

The wine starts off as big and bold, with toasty notes of brioche and buttered croissant. It transitions to intense tropical and citrus notes which come crashing in on the back palate to give it a super clean finish. This makes the wine perfect for pairing with food or enjoying on its own.

Champagne is such a wonderful thing, and couldn’t we use it this year! We all deserve it. As winemaker Rodolphe Peters (Pierre Peters Champagne) says “A Magnum of Champagne is the perfect size bottle for two people to split… So long as one of those people is not drinking!”

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