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Jacquesson 'Cuvee 745' - Champagne

Jacquesson 'Cuvee 745' - Champagne

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Champagne, France

Not only does Jacquesson predate Krug, but Joseph Krug actually assisted with winemaking at the estate before opening his own champagne house. Brothers Laurent and Jean-Hervé Chiquet currently operate the estate following in their fathers footsteps beginning in 1980. The brothers decided instead of focusing on consistency, they needed to focus on quality. From there, they decided to release a new cuvee each year to make the best champagne possible even if it is a little different from the year before. The 745 is a blend of 14% Pinot Meunier, 20% Pinot Noir, 66% Chardonnay and displays very fine bubbles with light yellow with golden hues. At the nose you will find brioche, white flowers and citrus. This champagne is perfect as an aperitif or enjoyed with oysters and other shell fish.

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