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Jolie Laide - Trousseau Gris

Jolie Laide - Trousseau Gris

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Trousseau Gris

Russian River Valley, California

Unconventional beauty. It's more than just the meaning behind the name of the tiny, 2 person operation at Jolie-Laide Wines. They select grapes from rare, nearly extinct vines to showcase lesser-known varieties. Fruit is sourced only from organic growers. Winemaking is kept simple. Grapes crushed by foot. Only indigenous yeasts are used and little to no sulphur is added to the final product. The results are unique, highly sought after wines. The Trousseau Gris is no exception. Though not an orange wine, it does receive some skin contact giving it a light coral tinge and adding depth of body and subtle tannins. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, and it is aged for 6 months in neutral oak barriques. The result is a light, floral wine with flavors of melon, stone fruit & white tea with some crisp minerality, and an elegant finish.

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