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Kurtatsch 'Hofstatt' - Pinot Bianco - Alto Adige

Kurtatsch 'Hofstatt' - Pinot Bianco - Alto Adige

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The hamlet of Hofstatt lies above the village of Kurtatsch. Cooling fall winds in the evening provide for great temperature swings between day and night and create an ideal, breezy microclimate.

The mineral-rich structure of dolomite, quartz, mica and clay minerals is still visible in house or dry masonry walls in this hamlet and characterizes this extraordinary single site wine HOFSTATT. In the glass, it shines with delicate apple and pear, ripe lime and lemon balm aromas. On the palate, these are accompanied by discreet notes of Alpine flowers and herbs. 

Pair with a white bean stew, or pizza with pesto base.

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