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Marquis de Grinon - Cabernet Sauvignon

Marquis de Grinon - Cabernet Sauvignon

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Dominio de Valdepusa has been in the noble family of Carlos Falcó Fernandez de Córdova, the Marquis of Griñon, since 1292. Referred to as the father of Spanish wine, Falcó pioneered the modernization of vine growing and winemaking in Spain. Falcó graduated from UC Davis in the 1960s. He returned home and began making wine, all the while pushing the boundaries of winemaking tradition in his family. In 1974, he introduced the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grape varieties as well as drip irrigation (first commercial winery in the world to start this trend) and night harvesting. 

Still today, the winery continues to push excellence with Bordeaux varietals and expressing the potential of their land. This Cabernet is incredibly dialed into the richness, and softness of the grape and is a bottle worth aging for the next 15-20 years!



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