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Marziano Abbona 'Cinerino' - Langhe Bianco

Marziano Abbona 'Cinerino' - Langhe Bianco

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Langhe, Italy

Marziano Abbona began in the 1900s with Marziano and his son Celso, but they are most known for planting the legendary vineyard Bricco Doriolo located in Santa Lucia di Dogliani. This vineyard has become one of the most prestigious crus of Dogliani and it is also where the winery's flagship wine comes from. Today, the winery remains family owned, extends to 52 hectares and they made great strides in modernizing the winery, in addition to adding organic practices. While the family history may have started with red wine they also create amazing white wines and this one is no exception. Made from 100% Viognier grown on 20 year old vines, these grapes are all hand harvested and aged on lees in oak and accia barrels for several months. Tasting notes of white flower, stone fruit and honey make this wine an excellent pairing for oysters or risotto.

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