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Mas de Valeriole 'Ve' - Mediterranee Rose

Mas de Valeriole 'Ve' - Mediterranee Rose

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70 Caladoc, 15 Merlot, 15 Marsalan


Well, would you “look at that”! ‘Ve' is a local exclamation from Provence, France that perfectly represents this rose. Caladoc (a crossing of Grenache and Malbec), Merlot, and Marsalan (a crossing of Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon), are the three varietals that make up this fun, summery blend. Valeriole is certified organic and harvests their grapes at night in cooler temperatures, allowing the grapes to retain acidity and freshness. You’ll find notes of peach, strawberry, rose petal, and bright acid across the palate. Pair this one with grilled mahi mahi or olive tapenade.

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