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Me Fine Virtual Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Me Fine Virtual Wine Tasting Fundraiser

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THURSDAY, MAY 13TH • 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

We're excited to offer a private virtual class for Me Fine, providing financial and emotional support to families with children experiencing a medical crisis! This virtual class will be conducted using Zoom where you will be able to ask your instructor questions in real-time, take notes and taste your wines at any time during the tasting. Enjoy a delicious selection and become a more knowledgeable wine taster for a good cause!

The price of the class includes a live streaming, instructor-led presentation, and 3 full bottles of wine (one sparkling, one white, one red). Only 1 class needs to be purchased per household so you can share the wine love! Wines will be available for pickup or delivery which you can specify at checkout. The Zoom link for the tasting will be sent out the week of the class.


The “Me Fine” in our name encapsulates both the story of this organization’s origin as well as our hope for families in our communities. At the age of two, Folden Lee IV proved that he could teach many of us adults a thing or two about gratitude and optimism. Lori, Folden’s mother, cemented his outlook on life by centering this work around his two-word perspective. These two words can mean so much to parents and caregivers whose own child is in the thick of treatments for a medical crisis.

Your registration for this event helps Me Fine provide hope through emotional support and financial assistance programs. We invite you to visit our website and follow us on social media to learn more about Me Fine’s work and mission.

Thank you for your support in making “Me Fine” moments happen inside our partner hospitals.
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