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Michele Capdepon - Blanquette de Limoux - Brut

Michele Capdepon - Blanquette de Limoux - Brut

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Blanquette de Limoux is one of the oldest regions to find sparkling wine. This particular style is softer than Crémant de Limoux. It is wonderfully delicious and full of flair! The Capdepon family is proud of their work in this wine region, work that has been taking place for over 400 years. While they are not fully biodynamic, the family is focused on maximum quality in the vineyards and, therefore, implement hand-harvested and the use of wild yeasts. It is said that Dom Perignon made his way through Limoux up to Champagne taking valuable sparkling information with him!

This dry Brut style is 90% Mauzac (a local variety) with Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay making up the blend. The wine is well balanced between ripe tropical fruit, lemon, and mouthwatering acidity. Underlying notes of fresh ginger, minerality and yellow apple makes this wine a good companion to roasted chicken with root vegetables, warm goats cheese salads or French-style lentils.

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