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Mount Peak 'Rattlesnake' - Zinfandel

Mount Peak 'Rattlesnake' - Zinfandel

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2016 -- a full bodied Zinfandel from Rattlesnake Hills, with juicy dark fruit, black raspberry and blueberry with an earthy finish.

From Mount Peak winery: "The Mount Peak story begins more than a century ago at the celebrated Monte Rosso Vineyard and culminates with the revival of Mount Peak Winery, a vestige of one of California's ghost wineries. Our wines are inspired by this great place, and we pay tribute to the extraordinary winery that once stood there by capturing its enduring spirit in our wine."

Winemaker Brenae Royal was only 23 years old when she became the vineyard manager and has been open about encouraging Black winemakers to have their voice heard. Read her interview with Wine Spectator here:

Mount Peak 'Rattlesnake' - Zinfandel

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