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Parras Wines 'Evidencia' - Branco

Parras Wines 'Evidencia' - Branco

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60% Encruzado 20% Malvasia-Fina  20% Bical

Dao, Portugal

While the Parras winemaking operation is fairly young – having begun producing wine in 2016 – they have all the rich and robust history of the Dão region behind them in this authentically Portuguese white wine. It is a blend of three indigenous grapes, 40% Encruzado, 40% Malvasia Fina (or Boal), and 20% Bical. The Dão region, which is among the oldest viticulture areas in Portugal, is characterized by great diversity of micro-climates thanks to the surrounding mountain ranges and the presence of two major rivers. The white wines of this region are known for well-balanced acidity and unusual longevity. This medium-bodied fresh white is matched in fruit and floral notes – orange peel, lemon, and nectarine with honeysuckle and young almond. For pairing, plan on dishes from this region of Portugal. Particularly pleasant would be simple grilled or steamed seafood, like cod or mussels with fresh herbs.

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