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Pinia - Ile de Beaute IGP - Rouge

Pinia - Ile de Beaute IGP - Rouge

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50 Carcaghjolu, 50 Niellucciu

Corsica, France

Founded in 1975, this sustainable cooperative winery is located on the eastern coast of Corsica, France. Made up of 12 families of winegrowers that span three generations and 1,000 hectares of land. It is nestled between the sea and mountains, giving it a unique terroir of both warm sea breezes and cool mountain air. This wine was named for the last large maritime forest on the Corsican coast, the Pinia forest, which also happens to be just beyond the vineyards. This blend of 50% Carcaghjolu and 50% Niellucciu showcases indigenous corsican varietals that are originally from Sardinia. This light red is perfect for the warmer weather and can even be served with a slight chill. Tasting notes of black fruit and garrigue spices complemented by soft tannins pairs well with light tapas and grilled meats.

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