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Quatro Cravos - 'Positivo' Sparkling White

Quatro Cravos - 'Positivo' Sparkling White

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80% Maria Gomes , 20% Bical 


The Cravos family winemaking roots dating back to 1911, when they founded their first winery which remained in the family for two more generations until Alberto Cravo founded Sociedade Agrícola Quatro Cravos, Lda in 2014. He had one goal in mind: to modernize the business while showing the world what Portugal has to offer. Made from a blend of two indigenous varietals, this bubbly has a light body and a creamy mouthfeel paired with a balanced acidity. Tasting notes of white fruit make this wine very versatile and it pairs well with seafood as well as spicy dishes.

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