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Rotem and Mounir 'Inopia'

Rotem and Mounir 'Inopia'

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Cotes du Rhone Villages, France

Rotem & Mounier Saoma is renowned Burgundian producer Lucien Le Moine's Rhone Valley project. They purchased a barren stretch of land in 2011 and have spent several years cultivating 11 varieties of grapes under high planting density, creating low yields of highly concentrated fruit. 'Inopia' translates to “made from nothing” in Latin and is a nod to both those previously empty fields and their minimalist approach to winemaking. Inopia is soft but fresh, with rich flavors of baked apple, pear, biscuit and chamomile. This wine would make an excellent partner to veal fricassee, pasta alfredo or classic roast poultry.

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