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Terramagna 'Rayen' - Tempranillo

Terramagna 'Rayen' - Tempranillo

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La Mancha, Spain

La Mancha gets about 3,000 hours of sunlight yearly, making excessive heat a key challenge. Despite this, the grapes ripen without difficulty. The soils used to grow the finest grapes in the area are high in semi-porous stones. Material like limestone and chalk retain moisture and help even out the water supply to the vinyards.

This single varietal, grown in rocky clay soil, greets the nose with dark blue fruits. The winemakers choose to age the wine in all stainless steel tanks to allow the Tempranillo to express itself through the wine uninhibited by other flavors. The wine is juicy but balanced in its acidity. Youthful red fruits and delectable tannins round out the palate, while the finish carries lingering notes of dark fruit, black pepper, and a little leather. Pair with grilled veggie dishes like Chiles Rellenos, grilled or smoked red meats, or even a hearty pasta dish in a red sauce.

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