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Terranoble 'Gran Reserva' - Carmenere

Terranoble 'Gran Reserva' - Carmenere

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Carmenere is somewhat off the radar. Historically a backwater varietal playing a supporting role in Bordeaux blends, it was brought to Chile by immigrants in the mid nineteenth century and it thrived in a climate between cool mountain temperatures and the Pacific coast. Unfortunately it didn't get much credit. Mistaken for Merlot (due to it's smooth profile) until the nineties when it the truth was uncovered. Carmenere is finally coming into its own as a distinct varietal.

The Terranoble gran reserve showcases the depth of the fertile Colchagua valley at the base of the highest Andean peaks. Velvety plum notes have a hint of spicy cacao on the finish. This is an easy drinking wine that compliments a wide range of cuisines.

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