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Teso de la Zorra - Rufete

Teso de la Zorra - Rufete

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100% Rufete

D.O. Sierra de Salamanca, Spain

Made from the single El Tesoro vineyard at 850m in the Garcibuey district with pizarra (slate) and clay soils within the picturesque mountains of Las Batuecas Sierra de Francia Natural Park near the Portuguese border due west from Madrid.  Much of the area is protected as a national park biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The region also holds another treasure: the native Rufete grape, a rare indigenous variety that can also be found across the border in central Portugal.

2019 was a small but exceptional vintage, with excellent balance, producing harmonious wines with excellent potential. It was harvested on September 13 after a dry summer preceded by a fairly rainy spring with a perfect balance of phenolic ripening and acidity. Vibrant, fresh, and complex.

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