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Vina Sastre 'Flavus' - White

Vina Sastre 'Flavus' - White

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100% Cayetana Blanca


Jesús Sastre is the winemaker and vineyard manager whose intuitive philosophies and winemaking talents have been a driving force of the winery since 2002, following the passing of his brother Pedro. Although he does not identify himself with any particular dogma, Jesús Sastre is committed to organic farming and biodynamic agriculture principles and he has never used chemical fertilizers or pesticides in his vineyards in his 30 years at the winery. Made from the same grape as Sherry, this wine is creamy and rich, with enough acid to keep it interesting!

Pair this wine with: Roast Pork


Vina Sastre 'Flavus' - White

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