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Petro Vaselo 'Melgis' - Feteasca Neagra - Romania

Petro Vaselo 'Melgis' - Feteasca Neagra - Romania

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100% Feteasca Neagra

Recas, Romania

This Romanian Winery was founded in 2002. This wine is made from the grape Fetească neagră (Black Maiden), an indigenous varietal that has been grown and cultivated in Romania for hundreds of years. Despite its late maturity and low yields, this grape can truly hold its own. It not only pre-dates the phylloxera outbreak, growers have found it to be resistant to many typical wine-growing setbacks such as frost and rot making this grape a hidden gem of the wine world and a must try. Traditionally, this grape was used to produce sweet to semi-sweet wine, but today is used to produce dry wines with a medium body and moderate acidity. Tasting notes of black fruit, toasted coffee, dark chocolate and spices pairs well with venison or a rich, chocolate dessert.

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